Choices… so many choices

Here’s a big life lesson: With some exceptions, choices made in a person’s life, for the most part, determine how life turns out for that individual. Small choices accrued over the years result in big differences later in life.   Well, how’s your life turning out to be? That might depend upon the choices you made and are making each moment of your day. Even the choice to do nothing is, still, a choice.What is choice? It is the ability to evaluate different courses of action and to select among them. It is powerful. Maybe that’s why it is called the power of choice.  Choice is a God-given gift, passionately desired within each human soul.Making good choices requires a balanced approach in all that we do. Even a good thing can be overdone. For example, if I choose to exercise a lot (for better health) that I don’t have time for family, study, or work, then exercise has become unbalanced, leading to problems in other areas of life.  So, what choices have you made so far today? Did you consider various options and assess risks before choosing your course of action? And the crucial question for a follower of the Lord Jesus: Does this choice honor Jesus? Making informed choices is work, but it’s worth it, for, at the end of the day, God will be pleased with your choices, and you’ll sleep peacefully. Hope you choose well!  –Jeba Moses