The 30000 Foot View

‘30000-foot view’ is generally used for big-picture thinking, redirecting an individual or team to get away from the minute details of a large project, etc. Recently I had a 30000-foot view, literally. I traveled by air and noticed that as the plane ascended, things on earth below began to shrink in size. In reality, they did not shrivel, but as I was transported farther away from the ground, things looked small, then smaller, and finally microscopic. For a while, my mind settled down from the challenges I left behind on the turf below. It was refreshing.Would it help us to experience a 30000-foot view daily, and take a break from the grind of life? Sure, it’s not possible to fly on a plane each day, but there are some effective strategies to help people create and enjoy islands of tranquility from daily life challenges. Here are some ideas:1. Music: take time daily to relax with your favorite music for 30 minutes.2. Phone disconnect: turn your phone off during the day for an hour. (Surprise – you’ll survive without your phone.)3. Focus: fixate on a thing of beauty and pleasure, like pets, plants, flowers, etc.4. Play: enjoy the simple pleasure of getting down on the floor with a child, joining in their fun.5. Worship: spend uninterrupted time in Bible study and prayer, basking in the company of God Almighty.The list could go on. You get the point; regular 30000-foot views help the mind take a much-needed break so it doesn’t break down.What is it you enjoy doing that anchors your soul and doesn’t destroy you? Have a 30000-foot view of it every day. Your blood pressure will decrease, and, you’ll be a better person to be around 😊 –Jeba Moses