On Encouragement

Lately, I have listened to some friends who have been discouraged. Each person’s challenges have been unique, with a few minor similarities, but the most common denominator seems to be cheerlessness, and at times, depression. Yes, these times are hard; we are reminded of our Lord Jesus’ alert: “In this world, you will have much trouble.” (John 16:33).How do we live when life discourages us? According to the Lord, one of the most effective antidotes to this life reality is what He said before and after the above statement. In its entirety, the verse reads: “I have told you these things so that you can have peace in Me. In this world you will have much trouble. But be brave! I have defeated the world!”The words of our Lord (the Bible) have been used through history to encourage and cheer God’s people. So, here’s an exercise to try daily:1. Choose a Bible verse of encouragement, hope, assurance, etc. (Google can help), and ask God’s blessing on that verse.2. Write the verse in a 3X5 index card.3. Carry that card with you throughout the day.4. Periodically (especially when your spirit starts sagging), read the verse and talk with its Author.5. Practice this for ten days. You’ll be surprised with what happens in you.Brothers and sisters: God’s Word cautions us that things will continue to get worse in the world before it’s all turned around at the coming of our Lord Jesus. In the meantime, our sure sanity-saver and soul-peace is available in the Lord through His Word. Enjoy your Bible every day😊      –Jeba Moses