It Never Gets Easier


I had just finished my morning run.

My start wasn’t impressive. I didn’t feel like getting out of bed; it was so warm and cozy. 

My muscles were sore; they didn’t feel like being stretched today. 

I didn’t feel like going outside the house; it was the middle of winter, bitterly cold, snowy, and icy in spots. 

And did I tell you it was still dark outside? 

I didn’t feel like. . . . .well. . . . .exercising. . . . . this morning. 

After all, why can’t I wait till warmer weather arrives in a few months?

I finished my run, and the exercise App on my phone spoke, like that seraphic donkey to Balaam, “It never gets easier; you keep getting better.”

Hmmm! Well! I am thinking now: Isn’t that how life is? The Bible does not promise that tomorrow will be easier than today. It teaches me that as my relationship with Jesus gets better, He helps me navigate the storms of life, even as they get worse (John 16:33).

So, more than looking for an easier job, or an easier relationship, or an easier study program, or an easier way of life, (or an easier exercise), I need to primarily cultivate my relationship with Jesus (Matthew 6: 33), and as that bond with Him gets more personal, deeper, consistent, and profound, Jesus transforms me, prunes me, grows me, and makes me what He created me to be, through the twists and tears of Planet Earth.

Thank you, App! Life in this world won’t get easier; With Jesus, you keep getting better.

Jeba Moses