What a Thief Taught Me

Good day, friend!

Let me share with you something very personal – my last words each night before I drift off to sleep. After “Good night, I love you” to my wife, I say, “Lord, I don’t know if You’ll wake me up tomorrow morning. In case You don’t, please remember me when You come in Your Kingdom.” So cool that a dying thief (Luke 23:42) would teach me a prayer like this. With the way COVID is marching forward (one source said this week that COVID might be here to stay😢), I cannot afford not to pray along this line daily.  

On the heels of the untimely and very sad passing away of our friend and  sister Sharon Lewis, another friend and I were having a conversation recently. Topic? Who but God knows if we will wake up tomorrow morning. So true. Which means, to me, that I will live my life daily like it might be my last day on Planet Earth. That means, then:

*Each day, I will choose to be washed in the blood of my Savior and Lord Jesus Christ.

*Each day, I will choose the Holy Spirit to direct my every thought, motive, word, and action.

*Each day, I will treat every human as potentially being my next-door neighbor in heaven.

*Each day, I will not keep track of ‘who-did-what-bad-when-to-me’, being purged daily of the suicidal venom called bitterness/hatred.

*Each day, I will live like it’s my last day in this world, doing the right thing, loving the merciful thing, and walking the humble path with my God (Micah 6:8).

My friend: maybe you might want to develop a habit like mine at the end of your day. That way, the testimony about you will be: “She/He went to sleep in Jesus.” Best way to go. Then, we will RIP (Rest in Peace)😇 

Jeba Moses