Help! My prayer life…

Is Easily Distracted

12 suggestions to help rein in distracting thoughts during prayer

  1. Have your most important prayer when your mind is fresh and ready
  2. Write out your prayers to God
  3. Talk out loud to the Lord (be aware of your surroundings)
  4. Disconnect from phone and all social media
  5. Have a list prepared of the things you want to cover in your conversation with God
  6. Focus on a single item daily for 5 minutes. Jeba gave the example of contemplating a houseplant. Focus is a mental muscle that can be exercised. The more you work it, the easier it is to focus.
  7. Avoid dragging on and on. Be concise. As your relationship with God deepens, you’re more likely to stay focused.
  8. Designate a prayer area where you’ll go just for prayer.
  9. Talk fresh – don’t repeat phrases. Kojo suggested saying, “Good morning Jesus!” instead of “Dear Heavenly Father…” Kojo also suggested changing your posture if you find yourself distracted.
  10. Apologize when your mind wanders. Get back to it.
  11. Share your distraction with God and ask for His guidance.
  12. Have a prayer partner