Values vs. Actions

Once upon a time, I listened to a friend who passionately wanted freedom from a secret habit but was struggling to find a way out. This person’s belief system was strong, debated Bible doctrines and ethical principles effectively, and was a nice person. But the secrecy of this problem grated the mind, increased stress and fears, and decreased their sense of self-esteem and assurance of salvation. We talked about possible ways out of this conundrum.

Another way to face a situation like this is to ask, “Does your behaviors accentuate our beliefs or deny them? Anyone can believe (James 2:19) but behavior reveals, at least to them, the level of impact their beliefs have on their way of living.

This is called the Values vs Actions Proposition. Here’s an example: If I say I love my wife and daughter, but am busy daily chasing after whatever and don’t spend quality and quantity time with them, a neutral observer will remark that I either don’t love my family or have a faulty idea of what genuine love is. What do I do? Choose to change my actions and seek outside help.

Spiritually, how are your values in relation to your actions? The more these two are in sync with one another, the deeper the peace of mind, contentment, and joy. I so wish and pray that you’ll be relaxed with no fear, having a healthy self-worth, knowing that your salvation is secure.

~ Jeba Moses