That Attitude

Once upon a time, a wise person shared this story with me: A man walked into town. In the city square (usually in the center of town) he asked an old man what kind of town that was. When the old man asked why he wanted to know, the traveler told him that he was moving out of his former town because it was mean, the people were unfriendly, and there was no peace there. The old man replied that this town was the same – mean, unfriendly, and troublesome, and that the traveler needed to move on.Another man walked into the same town and met the same old man in the city square. Same question. Same inquiry from the old man. This traveler told the old man that he did not want to move from his friendly, helpful, and wonderful town, but had to because his job was moving. The old man replied that this town was just as friendly, helpful, and wonderful, and that he was welcome to move in there, and add to the friendly, helpful, and wonderful community.The old man’s little grandson, who was listening to the conversations, asked his grandpa why he gave different answers about their hometown. The wise old man replied that it was the inner attitude of a person that largely determines their outlook on life.One’s attitude determines one’s altitude. The ever-wise Bible states it this way: As a man (or woman) thinks, so is he (she). [Proverbs 23:7]

 –Jeba Moses