Stoking the Fire

Stoking the fire. Our family enjoys sitting around campfires, enjoying the glowing light and the emitting warmth. As the weather cools down, we are being blessed in enjoying such fire experiences with friends.To continue enjoying the warmth and light from the fire, someone takes it upon themselves to keep stoking the fire. If the one who started the fire folds their hands once the fire is lit, the enjoyment of sitting around the fire would be short-lived. But that person is faithful in adding fresh wood to the pile, kindling the coal, and adjusting the embers. You get the idea.This is a fitting analogy to one’s spiritual life. Most of us were so excited when we began our relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ – we had daily Bible reading plans, consistent prayer times, attending church services, participating in prayer meetings, helping with church and community projects, excited to talk about the Lord, etc. How is it today? Are you stoking the fire of your relationship with Jesus?It has been estimated that about 10% (ten percent) of Christians are ACTIVELY developing and deepening their relationship with Jesus. Are you in the 10% or in the other 90%? My friend: if the fire of your spiritual life has more ashes than live coals, it might be time to stoke the fire again, daily, and many times during the day. You’ll enjoy the warmth of your relationship with Jesus, you’ll handle life stresses better, and others will see the light from your fire.

 –Jeba Moses