Volcano Effect

On April 9, 2021, the La Soufrière volcano on the north side of St. Vincent erupted, causing major disruption in the lives of everyone there.

Geology teaches that volcanoes erupt because of something happening deep under a mountain for a significant amount of time before it ‘blows the top’. This is called the ‘volcano effect’.  

What are the triggers in your life that set off your personal ‘volcano effect’? A trigger is generally a memory, word, act, or situation that sets off a swift emotional or explosive reaction, ending in life disruption, and destruction at times.

Everyone has triggers. What matters is how you manage your triggers in healthy ways that don’t end is disaster. Here’s a suggestion worth trying: On a sheet of paper, draw three columns. The first column is titled What. Here you write your trigger. The second column is Why. Here you write why you react the way you do when your trigger is activated. The third column is New. Here you list better and effective ways you would react the next time your trigger is pulled.

You work on the above exercise when you are calm and can think effectively, way before another ‘volcano effect’ comes along. A better way would be to work with a trusted and wise friend who can help in this process. The results can significantly alter your ‘volcano effect’ and give you deep peace. After all, doesn’t the world long for deep peace?  

–Jeba Moses