Our Ministries

We Love Kids

Jesus loves children. So do we! On Sabbath days (Saturdays), there are special, age-appropriate Bible instruction (Sabbath School) classes for children from birth to age eighteen.
Each summer we have one week of Vacation Bible School for our children and teens.
The Adventurers’ Club (for ages 4-9) helps children learn to know Jesus Christ as their best friend, and how to make life choices as friends of Jesus.
The Pathfinders’ Club (for ages 10-15) helps youth deepen and solidify their friendship with Jesus Christ, and learn valuable life-navigation tools.
From Monday to Friday, our school Clifton Christian Academy, provides quality education in a Christian environment for students in Kindergarten to Grade 8.

Young People Matter

Our youth are the Church of today and beyond! In deepening and solidifying their relationship with Jesus Christ, young people are involved in serving in the church and the community. Their opinions and concerns are valued, they debate moral values, they are greeters and ushers, lead in worship services, share their musical talents, help keep the church grounds well-maintained, provide food and encouragement to the needy, clean up neighborhoods, go on missions, and enjoy hanging out with each other.

Adults are Special

College/University students and other young adults participate in Sabbath discussion groups, lead in worship services, enjoy Sabbath fellowship meals in friends’ homes or church, help children and youth in mission projects, and value their group’s social gatherings.

Adults, whether seniors, single, married, divorced, or widowed, are an integral part of the Church, and serve its mission and ministry in many areas.

Whichever group you may fit in, there is a place for you.

We are like the various parts of a human body. Each part gets its meaning from the body as a whole, not the other way around. The body we’re talking about is Christ’s body of chosen people. Each of us finds our meaning and function as a part of His body.

-Romans 12: 4, 5; MSG

Clifton Christian Academy

Clifton Christian Academy has been serving the Greater Cincinnati area for over fifty years. Qualified and dedicated Christian teachers provide quality education to students of all backgrounds from Grades K-8. The school believes in educating students not only for productive life on this earth but for eternal life beyond this world.

Please stop by our school for a tour and dialogue with our school team.