About Us


We are a vibrant, ethnically diverse (34 nationalities as of January 2021) Seventh-Day Adventist congregation - blessed by the Lord Jesus Christ to be a blessing to our community and the world

Our Mission

Honor God, Serve People

Our Core Values


We choose to respect all human beings as sons and daughters of God, holding others on a grander platform than ourselves.


We choose to mirror the love of God in being kind and loving towards people, even during times of varying beliefs and opinions.


We choose to be a praying community, believing that prayer is the most profound and humbling way to connect with God, and the finest resource for life and ministry.


We choose to cherish God’s creativity in the diverse human community He has created, recognizing the unique contributions each person could make for a better world.

Spiritual Growth

We choose to continually grow in the Lord Jesus Christ through the disciplines of Bible study, prayer, and being witnesses to God’s truth.


We choose to extend our hearts and hands in sacred service to humanity, striving to make God’s world a better place for His glory.

Meet the Team

Jeanier Howard

Principal - Clifton Christian Academy

513-751-1225 office@cliftonchristianacademy.org cliftonchristianacademy.org

Bianca Jason

Head Deaconess

513-919-9956 bianca.jason40@yahoo.com

What We Believe: The God of love and grace has blessed us with: