One Amazing Gift

“Were you grateful for your sight this morning?”I was surprised when asked this question, but also couldn’t remember the last time I expressed gratitude for my sight. Your experience might be like mine.Did you know that eyesight is called ‘God’s gift’? If it is, then we give thanks to God for the gift of sight. I have been in the company of those who are without this gift and realize how blessed I am to have it.The human eye is an incredibly amazing body part. Science has shared some fascinating facts of the eye; here are some:*Each eye comprises more than two million intricately connected working parts.*Only the brain is more complex than the eye.* The eyes focus on 50 different objects every second.* The eyes can distinguish approximately 10 million different colors.* 80% of all learning comes through the eyes.Wow! Each detail is worthy of praise and gratitude. So, each morning, no matter my day’s agenda, I say “Thank You, God” for the incredible gift of sight. Psalm 139:14 reminds me to be appreciative: I praise You (God) because You made me in an amazing and wonderful way. What You have done is wonderful; I know this very well.Were you able to read this? Then, pause, and give thanks 😊

Jeba Moses