Trash Returns

I have developed a friendship with the gentleman who’s the trash collector in my neighborhood. Once he loads my trash (sometimes I help) onto the trash collection truck, there is a compactor that crushes the bags of trash, downsizing them, making room for the next home’s rubbish. Bye-bye, trash😊All these years, I have never asked the trash collector if I could have my trash back. Never. You would say that it would be crazy, unsightly, smelly, or just not the norm for anyone to ask for their trash back, once it’s gone. You are right.Why do people want their life ‘trash’ back after they know what it had done to them? An individual told me how so-and-so said/did such-and-such thing to them, and that it had hurt/angered them deeply. They were right. The shocker was that the situation happened decades ago. Holding on to what made this person rabid was the sad recipe for their life to stay sour, stinky, and seldom sweet.  The ‘trash’ had sorely pickled their life.My friend, you might want to leave your trash with the trash collector and walk away. Period. This specialist trash collector’s name is Jesus Christ, and He is the expert in taking the sadness, stress, stew, and stench of one’s life away, giving sweetness and rest in return (Matthew 11:28). No more trash! Freedom!! Peace!!! I pray and wish that for you😊–Jeba Moses