That Smell

My friend Debbie shared this reeky story: Before daybreak one morning this week, she took her dog for a walk. Suddenly, the dog broke loose and dashed off into the dark woods. Debbie called, and called, and waited. Finally, her dog returned, but, when he got closer, she could smell…….the unmistakable smell of a skunk spray on the dog. Ugh…….poor animal…….went after some excitement…….reaped an unpleasant consequence that would not be hidden.How do you smell? Seems like there are several ‘antidotes’ for varying body smells…….from the hairs on one’s head to the soles of the feet. But seriously, how do you smell…….on the inside? When you lie, cheat, lust, sleep with someone not your spouse, rage, spread gossip, profit illegally, hold grudges, hate people…….etc., etc. The Holy Bible says that sin in its various forms causes stench and holding on to it prolongs the putridity. No amount of external makeup could make up for the internal odor.It’s time to come clean…….and smell good, inside out. Start with God (I John 1:9), follow up with trusted people (James 5:16), and come out smelling like a fragrant flower🌷 (II Corinthians 2:14,15).(Rest of Debbie’s ongoing saga: Her dog was washed several times that day, with varied advice from well-wishers. Not much success. Currently, he’s sleeping in the garage, since the skunk smell is still strong. Not allowed inside the house yet; possibly soon. Poor Pooch. Hope the lesson sticks.)

–Jeba Moses