Right or Left

Which are you – right or left-handed? As a left-handed kid, I remember times when this question determined if I got to do certain things or not. Talk about discrimination (which I knew very little about then). I remember how I used to be made fun of for how I threw a ball, swung the cricket bat, did high fives, punched my enemies, etc. My grandmother used to work tirelessly to make (not help) me eat and write with my right hand. (One of my great freeing experiences was when I came to the US and began eating with my left hand, and people didn’t seem to mind.)The word ‘left’ comes from the Anglo-Saxon word ‘Lyft’ which means ‘weak and useless.’ Hmmm. No wonder some folk looked at people like me differently. Later in life, I discovered that I was in good company with many lefties, like President Benjamin Franklin who wrote: “More than once I have been beaten for being awkward and wanting a graceful manner.” Well, if a president had such bad experiences, I guess I cannot whine much.As science uncovers more information about the left and right sides of the brain, and how they are wired to the opposite sides of the body, we lefties take comfort in the thought that we are in our right minds.Some folk are blessed to be ambidextrous.For me, whether you are left or right-handed doesn’t matter. According to the Lord Jesus Christ, what matters is which side of Him you’ll end up in at the final judgment. I suggest you read Matthew 25: 33, and its context, Matthew 25: 31-46. Sobering warnings from God. I pray that you and I will be on the right side then and won’t be left out.   

–Jeba Moses