Under Construction

My drive home from My work place should take about 25 minutes.  Because of extensive construction on main roads for the last two years, it takes about 35 minutes.  My car is dusty from driving through this area. By the looks of things, this will be going on for at least another year – or two.  I am sure it will be nice when it is finished, but right now, I am tired of this construction.
When I come to work at the hospital, I am entering a construction site.  We are all very excited about the changes that will come with a beautiful new building addition.  There are pictures everywhere that remind us why we have all of these changes in direction, parking lots, noise and extra people coming through the halls.  While the building construction can be challenging, I find it more exciting than the road construction, and much less dusty.  Still, it feels like I work in a construction zone.
One day not long ago, I was lamenting to my boss about all of this.  I am usually positive about these changes, but I am human.  I’m glad I spoke to her. It led to an epiphany!
“Everything around my home is under construction!  Work is under construction!  My life is under construction!”
Yes. Yes, it is. God willing, my life will always be under construction.  I am not the same person that I was when I came to Clifton 13 years ago.  I am not the same person I was when the construction began on my Road to work or on my work campus.  If I am willing to grow, develop and let God guide me, God will continue to create a new work in me!  I will keep the lessons of life that I have collected along the way.  But I am always working to become the person God created me to be.  I will never be finished, at least if I am doing this right.  God will always have more to teach me.  I hope you can allow your life to be under construction, too.
It took God six days to create heaven and earth and everything that is in it, but He is still working on Me, trying to reconstruct my heart to which I will always be eternally grateful. 
May you have a blessed day filled with blessings.
Peter Loga.