Your Eyes

This week, I have been mentally creating the scenes of the cross of Christ. One thing that has gripped me is the sea of eyes that are looking at the tortured and emaciated body of the Lord Jesus Christ.There are wondering eyes – those of people who came to Jerusalem just to celebrate the Passover, and wondering what this spectacle was all about.There are wicked eyes – those of religious leaders bent on forever silencing those ‘radical’ lips and hands that constantly challenged their status quo.There are waiting eyes – those Roman soldiers hoping to get their jobs done soon so they could go home for a peaceful evening after another crazy bloody day.There are worshiping eyes – those recipients of the mercy and miracles of Jesus that had changed their lives permanently.The world hasn’t changed since. There are still the wondering, wicked, waiting, and worshiping eyes, especially during this special season. I have chosen to worship since Jesus altered my life forever. How about your eyes? –Jeba Moses