Your Posture Shows

My physical therapist shocked me the other day by saying that the primary reason I had some shoulder pain was due to poor posture. Talk about reality check ☹ I thought I might have lifted something unusually heavy, did pushups incorrectly, slept a wrong way, or was just encountering another challenge of advancing in life 😊According to Google, good posture helps reduce lower back pain, increases energy levels, lessens tension in the shoulders and neck, reduces strain on the hips and joints, increases lung capacity and function, improves circulation and digestion, helps you appear taller, etc.With so many benefits of good posture, my therapist recommended that I sleep on a firm mattress, sit straight and not for long in one position, stand tall (I do this when my height is measured at the doctor’s office. You too?), and walk without slouching. Walking, standing, sitting, and resting habits.Reminds me of my spiritual posture and Psalm 1:1. Am I walking the godly way? Do I stand in/with the right? Is my sitting honorable? To get away from bad spiritual posture, I need to develop the consistent HABIT of deep satisfaction in solitude and silence before God in His Word (Psalm 1:2). Worth trying.Hey, my posture shows. Yours too😊    –Jeba Moses