Spring Cleaning…..You?

Ben shared about his family clearing trees and brushes from their yard a few days ago, so the surroundings would look nice and bright this spring.Ashley decluttered her garage over the weekend, enabling the family to park their cars indoors, which is the prime purpose of garages.Jon (not his real name), battling an addiction to porn and sexual deviations, signed on to a weekly recovery program, opening up to accountability partners, because, as he told me, he didn’t want his life to “stink and rot in secret anymore.”My wife handed me large bags of clothes to donate, so her clothes closet would be better organized.  Seems like many folk use the warming season to help make some areas of their life better.How about you? Which area in your life weighs you down, is a colossal mess, or smells fishy? Wouldn’t spring be an opportune time to do something about that? Your world could become lighter, organized better, smell cleaner, etc.As a result, people who pass you each day and silently observe you might develop a healthier picture of you. After all, your life, not your words, is your most impactful testimony. The Bible puts it this way: “We Christians have the unmistakable ‘scent’ of Christ….” (II Corinthians 2:15, Phillips)   

Jeba Moses