Better Option

Is there a better option? What is it? How do I go for it?These questions can be asked in just about every facet of life. Human beings have been created with incredible gifts and talents, and if you look, resources abound to explore those newer possibilities.Then, are you dissatisfied in life because you have settled for less than something better? Most of life is on autopilot – do the same thing each day, eat the same kinds of food, drive the same route, pray the same kind of prayer, behave the same way, etc. Humans, at any age, are most comfortable with routines and are generally threatened when an alternative is considered. This is being stuck in the rut-life. Is that what God created you for?Why not learn something new? Try something different? Meet other people? Choose a fresh challenge? Explore a curious hobby? Step out in faith?Is there a better option? Yes, there always is.What is it? Ask someone brave; they’ll tell you.How do I go for it? Pray about it; set a goal; have a plan; develop the steps; get out of my comfort zone.Have a better 2022🙏☺       –Jeba Moses