Writing that letter

In 2022, what is one area in your life where you want to improve/grow/ change/do better? Here’s a sure way to get it accomplished:

Craft a letter to God, on your computer, way before New Year’s Day. You can begin today, tomorrow, the day after, or next week. Edit it as many times as you want before January 1.

Your letter must begin like this: Dear God, in 2022, I want my life to ___________________. Please don’t add a lot of things; they can be in another place. This letter will address that one area in your life, and how you’re hoping that area will change.

Once you have created the letter, edited it multiple times, and are satisfied with your final draft, use a pen and reproduce the letter on paper, sign it, and make one copy of it.

Place the original letter in a safe place you’ll remember, and give the copy to a deeply trusted friend. (It might be helpful to inform your friend ahead of time that such a letter is coming.)

In 2022, read the letter once a month (set a recurring reminder on your phone/calendar). Similarly, once a month, meet with the friend (in person or otherwise) to discuss your letter.

At the end of 2022, you would be amazed to realize how God answered your letter, and your life had gotten better. So, go ahead, on paper, let God know of your desire.

Happy 2022 😊

Jeba Moses