The Rashomon Effect

Have you heard of this eastern parable? Six blind men tried to describe an elephant by touching it.

Man # 1: Feeling a side of the animal, “This animal is smooth and solid like a wall.”

Man # 2: Handling the animal’s trunk, “An elephant is like a huge snake.”

Man # 3: Touching the animal’s tusk, “Say, this creature is sharp and deadly like a spear.”

Man # 4: Stroking a leg of the animal, “This creature is just like a tree.”

Man # 5: Inspecting an ear of the animal, “An elephant is like a huge fan.”

Man # 6: Tugging the animal’s tail, “The elephant is just like a piece of old rope.”

That’s the Rashomon effect. Based on one’s perceptions, experiences, and preferences, people may see/touch/taste/hear/discuss the same thing, but with different takes. If only they remember the Rashomon effect and follow Jesus’ example (Philippians 2: 3-5), home, family gatherings, neighborhood, meetings, school, church, work, and the country would be inviting places of peace and rest.  

–Jeba Moses