Once upon a time, a professor quoted someone and told me that an unexamined life was not worth living. At that time, I did not think much of it. I have since wondered if what he said was true.
So, lately, I’ve been practicing Examen. Have you heard of Examen? No worries: I didn’t either.
Examen is a gentle spiritual discipline that helps one to examine their lives DAILY. Simple and effective. Here’s how I do it:
After the day’s activities are done, and I have said good night to my wife, I lay in bed, close my eyes, connect with God, and reflect on the entire day that had just passed. Here are some general reflection questions:
What did I learn during my morning devotional time?
What physical exercise did I do, with whom, and for how long?
What new discoveries did I make in my studies that day?
Who did I interact with? How did those go?
What foods did I consume?
What inspired me? What annoyed me?
The list goes on. But the best ‘eye-opener’ is with the two final questions:
1. “How did my choices today take me closer to my life goal?” And,
2. “How often and in what ways did I engage God throughout the day?”
Amidst the answers, God advises me and then puts me to sleep – deep sleep (Psalm 4:8). Try Examen – it works – you’ll sleep better😊      

–Jeba MosesPastor, Clifton Adventist Church