The Look – Nebuchadnezzar’s vs. Nehemiah’s

In his book Good to Great, Jim Collins shares the images of looking through a window versus looking in a mirror. Interesting analogy. When things go right and well, the principled person looks through a window – and sees all the people who played a part in what’s going well, without offering the Nebuchadnezzar pat. (If you haven’t heard of the Nebuchadnezzar pat, please read Daniel 4:30; if possible, the entire chapter.)

But, when things go wrong and disastrously, the principled person looks in the mirror, like Nehemiah (Nehemiah 1: 5-7), and asks how the situation can be righted, beginning with personal attitude, perspective, and connection skills.

God’s work advances or regresses, often based on how His professed people look. How is yours? —
Jeba Moses

Pastor, Clifton Adventist Church