Waiting Through Covid 19

Recently, as I went running with some friends, one said: “I am getting tired.” Later that day, I was reading Jeremiah 12, and came to v. 5: The Lord says, “Suppose you have raced with people. And suppose they have worn you out; Then how would you be able to race against horses? Suppose you feel safe only in open country; Then how would you get along in the bushes near the Jordan River?”

Anyone tired? Tired/afraid of COVID-19? As I listen, it seems like people want Jesus to return ASAP, but don’t want to handle crises. Jesus forewarned His disciples (please read, again, Matthew 24 & 25 in this context; worth your time) that these kinds of situations, and more, will dominate this planet before He returns. 

What do we do? I suggest we spend less time on the media and/or social media (and very little time posting and reacting to posts), and more time on what Jesus asked us to do. In Matthew 25, He instructed His disciples to do two things, by using two stories: 1. Be ready all the time for His coming. How? By being filled and directed by the Holy Spirit every day. How are you doing in this area? And 2. Use the talents He has blessed you with to make the world a better place, especially by lifting up the least, the lost, and the lonely. How are you doing in this area?

I recommend that we spend time on what Jesus asked us to. He didn’t want His people to be crisis-driven, but to be Spirit-filled and mission-driven. May He find us faithful in both these areas. If we are, whether Jesus comes soon or our life ends shortly, whichever comes first, we won’t be afraid. 

My dear friends: please be of good courage. Trust Jesus. Take care of His representatives on earth (Matthew 25: 40). He is coming again, soon!–
Jeba Moses