Life- What Life

Good morning friend!

I wasn’t pleased, at first – needing to be somewhere at a certain time, but now I’m in line, waiting, walled by vehicles in either direction, not knowing how long this wait was going to be. But then I decided to turn my annoyance into admiration – of nine geese, taking their time in crossing the road, seemingly carefree about the roaring gigantic machines on either side of them.

While this experience was playing out before my eyes, news on the radio announced yet another gruesome mass shooting and the loss of many innocent lives. How has human life become so cheap?

The drivers on that road that day were respectful and caring of those geese, God’s creatures. The Lord Jesus said that if God cared about birds (Matthew 6: 26), He cared more for His human creation. Why do some people do what they do? Has human life become so cheap?

When life is considered nothing more than a biological accident, and its beginnings treated as ‘spontaneous generation’, I suppose it’s no surprise that human life is disregarded, and human souls devalued.

The Bible is clear: God is the architect and creator of human life (Genesis 1: 27; Psalm 139:13); He sent His Son to redeem life (John 3: 16). How I treat humans is a reflection of how I view/treat God (James 3: 9, 10; I John 4: 20, 21), and, there is no room for hatred in a redeemed heart (Matthew 5: 21,22).

So, what do you think of life – yours and others’? I have chosen to believe that life originated from God, is beautiful, and therefore am determined to respect, protect, and cherish life, of all human life.     —
Jeba Moses